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Health Services Research Unit (HSRU)

Registry of Databases (RoD)

The Registry of Databases (RoD) was initiated to facilitate and promote cross-discipline research opportunities to anyone who wants to seek cross-collaboration on their research ideas.

The aims of the RoD are to:

  • Foster a more coordinated and corroborated research efforts within SGH
  • Strengthen integration of the infrastructure and to centralise research management
  • Develop a more unified system

The RoD provides linkage for interested collaborators/researchers who are keen to explore/expand more on existing databases that exists in our current list of databases. It will also provide a platform to assist researchers who are open to cross-collaborations but have not yet register their databases with us.

Please click here to view the list of registries/databases.  

If you are interested in sharing and exploring your databases with other researchers, please email to  

For further enquiry, please e-mail