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Health Services Research Unit (HSRU)

Research (Scoping & Project Management)

Research consultations allow a discussion on possible research topics, opportunities to clarify and refine the research question, and to provide advice and guidance on study design, recruitment methodology, analysis approaches, research grant applications, and scientific publications.

Aside from consultations, HSRU Research Associates also provide the following services to researchers: 

  • Assisting the principal investigator in developing study plans
  • Design data collection forms
  • Perform data coding, validation, analysis and interpretation
  • Participate in the preparation of abstracts/posters/manuscripts for dissemination of study results
  • Oversee conduct of study by research coordinators and/or interns
  • Track project timeline and budget
  • Prepare progress reports of projects


To request for consultation or explore collaboration opportunities, please complete the HSRU Request Form.

For your information, this request form is accessible only on our intranet.  In order to access it on internet, PI need to raise an EUP to request for a 2FA which is subject to approval from respective HoDs and IT.   

Note: To better optimise resources, projects submitted to HSRU will undergo a review process by the Executive Committee.  Refer to Consultation Process and Project Selection .

 For further enquiry, please e-mail