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Single Column Universal Testing systems (Instron 3343)


  • Evaluate the mechanical properties of materials and bio tissues by tension, compression and fatigue tests.
  • 1 kN (225 lbf) capacity
  • 1067 mm (42 in) vertical test space
  • Equip with pneumatic side action grips
  • Full CE compliance

Instron electropuls e1000


  • Dynamic Force Capacity: ±1000N (±225Ibf)
  • Linear Stroke: 60 mm (2.36 in)
  • Daylight Opening (max): 610 mm (24 in) maximum with actuator at mid stroke
  • Electrical Power: Single-phase mains only
  • Configuration: Diagonal twin-column with actuator in upper crosshead
  • Lift & Locks: Electrically powered lifts with manual lever clamps
  • Static and Fatigue Testing of Spinal Implant Constructs to ASTM F1717
  • Fatigue Testing Stent Materials and Structures in a "Test to Fracture" Approach
  • Dynamic Fatigue Testing Endosseous Dental Implants to ISO 14801
  • Metallic Angled Orthopaedic Fracture Fixation Devices to ASTM F384
  • Low Force Dynamic Fatigue Testing of Tissues and Biomaterials
  • Flexural Fatigue Testing of Metallic Bone Plates and Fixation Devices to ASTM F382
  • Fatigue Testing of Impants for Finger Fractures
  • Dynamic Fatigue Testing of Femoral Nails


  • Advanced spatial compounding with up to 15 lines of sight. - Speckle reduction technology – simultaneously smoothes tissue texture and enhances edges
  • Panoramic imaging – extended view to enable display of the entire organ like MSK and vascular studies.
  • Harmonic imaging – reduces artifact and improve detection of low contrast lesions
  • Multiple setting for different transducers
  • Customized measurement and report packages.
  • Battery operable, built-in DVD/RW drive and USB ports.

Customized Tendon Friction Device


  • Used for ex vivo study of tendon repair.
  • Measure frictional force of tendon repair
  • Equip with a mechanical actuator with linear potentiometer, two tensile load transducers, a Dacron cord, a pulley and weight

Motion Simulator

  • For kinematic analysis of hand wrist motion