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Cell Culture

We have five cell culture rooms located at the 9th floor of Discovery Tower, The Academia. Priority usage is given to SGH researchers. The cell culture rooms are well-equipped with class II biosafety cabinets, vacuum pump, CO2 incubators, phase-contrast microscopes, waterbath and centrifuges. One room with restricted user access is dedicated for works with selected genetic modified viruses and approved by safety network.

Other equipment available for specific applications related to cell culture includes hypoxia CO2 incubator, Neon transfection system for electroporation and cytospin for thin-layer cell preparation.

For enquiries, please contact us here.

Neon® Transfection System

The Neon® Transfection System is a novel, benchtop electroporation device that employs an electroporation technology by using the pipette tip as an electroporation chamber to efficiently transfect mammalian cells including primary and immortalized hematopoietic cells, stem cells, primary cells and cell lines.

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Shandon Cytospin 2

The Shandon Cytospin 2 is a versatile and reliable cytocentrifuge for smear preparation. As the first device to employ centrifugal force to isolate and deposit a single layer of cells on slides, the Cytospin 2 centrifuge keeps cellular integrity intact. The Shandon centrifuge has a wide array of applications including cytology, histology, and haematology.

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Thermo Forma 3130 Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator (for hypoxic studies)

Control O2 Within the Culture Environment - Researchers seeking to experiment with the effect of suppressed oxygen concentration upon their cultures can use this incubator with both CO2 and O2 control capabilities. Individual O2 display facilitates set point and monitoring of desired O2 levels in a range of 1 – 21% for hypoxic studies. The O2 level is control by displacement with N2 gas. The incubator is connected with both N2 and CO2 gas cylinders.

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