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The Immunology Core Facility is focused on monitoring immune responses and dissecting pathological mechanisms in malignancies and auto immune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus, inflammatory bowel disease.

We have established a state of the art flow cytometry analysis facility for the use of researchers, with access to instruments that includes CyAnTM ADP Analyzer and BDTM LSRII Cell Analyzer. We also provide access to workstations installed with the FlowjoTM flow cytometric analysis program for data analysis.

In addition, the Immunology core is equipped with a ImmunoSpot S5 Versa Analyzer ELISPOT plate reader for monitoring immune response on a single cell basis in humans and mice.

For enquiries, please contact us here.

BD™ LSRII Cell Analyzer

BD™ LSRII Cell Analyzer (Beckton Dickinson) is an automated, 4 laser (405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 633nm) flow cytometry system that performs up to 12 colour analysis.

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CyAn™ ADP Analyzer

CyAn™ ADP Analyzer (Beckman Coulter) is an automated, 3 laser (405nm, 488nm, 642nm) flow cytometry system that performs 11 standard parameter analysis including 9 color plus FSC (Forward Scatter) and SSC (Side Scatter).

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ImmunoSpot S5 Versa Analyzer (ELISPOT Plate Reader)

ImmunoSpot S5 Analyzer is designed for scanning and evaluating ELISPOT assays, as well as other microtiter plate-based bioassays, including bacterial, yeast, stem cell, tumor colonies and viral plaque assays.

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