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Other equipment available in Department of Clinical Translational Research at the 9th floor of Discovery Tower, The Academia facilitates routine works for molecular and cellular biology, as well as histology. Centrifuge room houses high speed and ultra-speed centrifuge, as well as the vacuum concentrator. Microtome and cryostat are available for preparing histology sections. Plate readers and single tube luminometer facilitate the readout of biochemical and cell-based assays involving bioluminescence, fluorescence and absorbance. Furthermore, the X-ray irradiator located at the basement of The Academia is available for cell and small animal irradiation.

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EnSpire® Multimode Plate Reader

The EnSpire® Multimode Plate Reader is a high performance, compact and configurable instrument designed with quad-monochromator based detection platform. EnSpire reads fluorescence intensity, absorbance, ultra-sensitive luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence and patented Alpha technologies in microplates up to 384-wells. EnSpire has been designed for laboratories with diverse user needs, and includes an intuitive and ‘easy-to-use’ touch screen to reduce assay start-up times, and simplify protocols across a wide array of applications.

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Leica CM1850 Cryostat

The Leica CM1850 cryostat is a versatile cryostat with an optimized cooling system, rapid specimen freezing and smooth specimen orientation for the high-quality sectioning demanded in routine histology and clinical pathology. Section thickness setting is from 1 to 60um. Cryochamber cooling range is 0 to -35 degree. The temperature of quick freeze shelf is down to -45 degree.

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Leica RM2135 Microtome

Leica RM 2135 Rotary Microtome is an instrument used to cut tissue embedded in paraffin blocks into thin sections for preparing histological and biological specimens.

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Promega GloMax® 20/20 Single Tube Luminometer

The GloMax® 20/20 is a single tube luminometer for use with any bioluminescent assay including Reporter gene assays, ATP assays, cytotoxicity, cell proliferation and enzyme assays.

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Eppendorf 5301 Concentrator

The Eppendorf 5301 concentrator concentrates DNA/RNA, nucleotides, proteins, and other samples quickly; reduces concentration time by up to 20%.

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Sorvall HS23 High Speed Centrifuge

The Thermo Scientific Sorvall HS 23 high-speed centrifuge for all types of high speed applications, including subcellular fractionation, protein separation, cell and virus recovery and nucleic acid separation.

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Beckman XL-90 Ultracentrifuge

This ultracentrifuge can achieve 100,000 rpm, with centrifugation forces of up to 802,400g. Speed control accuracy is +/- 20 rpm of set point. And the microprocessor based design permits storage of up to 9 user programs, in addition to its ten proprietary Efficient Sedimentation Programs.

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