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Our research platform was established to facilitate the quantitation and measurement of analytes using the various platforms outlined below.

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Milliplex Analyzer

The Milliplex system simultaneously detect and quantify multiple parameters in a small volume of precious biological fluid samples and correlate the data from multiple analytes to reveal complex relationships and pathways of biomolecules using a bead-based multiplex suspension array system.

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HPLC Alliance

HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) is used for chemistry and biochemistry research essentially for chromatographic separation of complex mixtures. Separation is achieved by dissolving the sample in a mobile phase which is passed through a columns packed with absorbent material. By varying the adsorbent material and mobile phase, separation is achieved based on the chemical or physical properties of the sample mixtures.

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UVIchemi Chemiluminescence Documentation System CAS6000

UVIchemi is a dedicated chemiluminescence imaging system with high sensitivity and performance. The system allows the detection of weak signals of Western blots with long exposures and without losing image quality. These are made possible by the low background noise of the 12-bit cooled CCD camera (-45oC below ambient) with an extra Peltier device to cool the camera housing.

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LICOR Odyssey Infrared Imaging System

The Odyssey® Infrared Imaging System uses two separate lasers and two infrared fluorescence channels (700nm and 800nm) for signal detection, enabling simultaneous two-color target analysis, an advantage that is not available with chemiluminescence method for Western blot analysis.

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The Bio-Rad PROTEAN IEF Cell is designed to perform the first dimension isoelectric focusing of two dimensional electrophoretic protein analysis. It can accommodate up to twenty-four 7cm or twelve 17cm Bio-Rad ReadyStrip IPG Strips for simultaneous isoelectric focusing.

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